Nari Shakti Purushkar 2018

Jayamma Bhandari, K Shamalakumari, Sindhutai Sapkalp, Purnima Barman, Urmial Balwant Apte, One Stop Center, and Beti Zindabad campaign are today become the household names. This article is dedicated to all the recipients of the Nari Shakti Purushkar as our tribute to their work. They are the true idols and hero of real life. We did not cover the names of all the recipients and we want to apologize for that but still, this is the time to celebrate the contribution of all the people in the nation building. What is Nari Shakti Purushkar? 2017 recipients of the Nari Shakti Purushkar? Who confers the Nari Shakti Purushkar? All such questions have been covered in this article. Let’s start our journey.

8th March- The International Women Day. This day is marked to praise the effort and the work Women in their personal and professional lives. Every woman is contributing to nation-building. Many women are doing a great job in the society to mark a dent in the orthodox thinking of a society that still believes, women are weak or they depend upon the men. In India, to mark the extraordinary contribution of Indian Women, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, conferred “Nari Shakti Purushkar” on the International Women Day.

On this occasion, the 14th President of India, Ramnath Kovind said “discriminating between men and women is essentially a problem of mindsets in society. To ensure the composite development of the country, it is necessary to remove such discrimination. Every person in society is responsible for changing such mindsets. We should listen to voices of our daughters and provide them all opportunities to make the most of their lives. We should change customs and traditions that hinder giving equal rights to our daughters.”

The “Nari Shakti Purushkar” is given in 6 categories:

  1. Rani Rudrama Devi
  2. Mata Jijabai
  3. Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar
  4. Kannagi Award
  5. Rani Gaidinliu Zelian
  6. Rani Lakshimbai

Recipients of Nari Shakti Purushkar

  1. Jayamma Bhandari: She is not less than an angle. She has been working for over 20years to rehabilitee sex worker. Over 1000 sex workers have been rehabilitated by her and she supports around 3500 other sex workers. The best thing to give somebody is the education or skill that help them to live their life more dignified. Her efforts have provided over 3500 children of sex workers the vocational training.
  2. K. Syamalakumari: Mural painting on temple walls were dominated by the males. She broke that barrier and cross every hurdle that comes into her path to become the first female temple Mural Artist in Kerala. For most of the people, may seems an easy task. In reality, when you were against a system which is very old, it is quite a humongous task to come over it. She has not just painted but also preserved and restored traditional Mural Art in temples of Kerala.
  3. Sindhutai Sapkal: She is born in 1946, in Maharashtra. Her husband and in-laws abandoned her because she gave birth to a girl child. She is not much educated but the hard times of life taught her very great lessons of life. She worked as a maid in many houses and one day thought that like her there are many children living in India without their parents or Orphans. She with her efforts today run a 5 largest homes across Maharashtra for orphans. She raised money through public lectures and private donation. Many of her children have got a good place in the society and today they all help her to run an Orphanage. Hadapsar Pune has 300 orphans in it and it is also the largest among other 5 houses. She also helps the widows whose in-laws thrown out them.
  4. Urmila Balawant Apte: she is an advocate by profession and working to reduce the gender gap and ameliorate the gender equality. She is working to eradicate discrimination women face to being a woman. She wants society to understand the role and contribution they made in their family and nation-building. To work for eradicating the gender inequality she founded the Bhartiya Stree Shakti Organisation in 1988.
  5. Purnima Barman: When people say what will one person do? The answer is Purnima Barman. She is a wildlife biologist. She made a tremendous contribution to save and protect an endangered stork called “Hargilla” in Assam. She also has received the coveted Whitley Award, which is also known as the Green Oscar.
  6. Justice Mittal of Delhi High Court: It is a very rare moment in the history of Judiciary. She is the eminent jurist. She has addressed the procedural bottlenecks and institutional barriers by spearheaded the Vulnerable Witness Project. It is an unparalleled jurisprudential intervention and judicial leadership which removes the institutional and legal barriers for access to justice for women.
  7. Beti Zindabad campaign: It is a very novel and different initiative of the Chhattisgarh govt. They set up a bakery unit for a survivor of human trafficking.
  8. AVANI: it is a community in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, started by Rashmi Bharati and Rajneesh Jain in 1997 on the principles of sustainability and community-centric rural development programs.
  9. Stop Centre (OSC) “Sakhi”: even though it is first implemented by the Haryana Govt. It is the Chhattisgarh govt. that provides 24/7 integrated services to women affected by violence, under one roof.  Till date, approximately 1840 women have availed services at the center.

There are 30 more recipients listed in the year 2017. We salute all of them for their effort and contribution to the society. These awards are the right way to recognize the efforts of people who are doing something valuable. People in their life will become successful but there are only a few people who made their life meaningful.

It is very easy to demoralize and put the blame of failure and hard times upon others. Few people take it a challenge. They see the opportunity into the womb of crisis. Elon Musk has said, “If you need a motivation to do something they do not do it”. The women and organizations about whom we are going to know about them do not need any motivation to do their work. They find it essential to do work for others. They are people with vision and ahead in the time that wants to change the perspective of society towards the problems people face in their daily life and especially Women. In history, if you read, you will find in the times of Aryan Age the women were at equal sitting with men.  We need to bring the Aryan age again in the country. The country who does not respect its women, no god reside there.

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