Marconi is consider as the father of wireless communication.

Maxwell displacement current is that current which comes into play in that region in which the electric field and the electric flux is changing with time.

The maxwell’s concept that a changing electric field with times give rise to displacement current also produces a magnetic field similar to that of conducting current. Maxwell concluded tgat the displacement current is also a source of magnetic field.

It means the time varying electric and magnetic fields give rise to each other. Maxwell concluded the existence of electromagnetic wave in a region where electric and magnetic field were changing with time.

According to Maxwell, the electromagnetic waves are those waves in which there are sinusoidal variations of electric and bandog field vectors are at right angles to each other as well as at right angles to the direction of wave propagation.

Accelerated charge emits electromagnetic waves.

LC circuit is an ocillatary circuit where the charges is oscillating across tge capavitor plate. An oscillating charge in LC circuit head a non zero acceleration, hence, it emits electromagnetic waves which have the same frequency as that of the oscillating charge.

In an atom, election while orbiting around the nucleus in a stable orbit, although accelerating does not rnjit EM waves. EM waves are emitted only when it fans from higher energy orbit to lower energy orbit.

EM waves are also produced when far moving electrons are didn’t stoped by the metal target of high atomic number.

EM waves has linear momentum as well as energy. That is why EM waves exert radiation pressure on the surface of object, on which it falls.

All the EM waves of different raisin move with dand does in vacuum but they move with different showed in a medium.

Visible light wavelength: 0.06nm to 0.08nm.


Radio wave> micro wave>Infrared>VisibleĀ  light> Ultraviolet> X rays> Gamma rays

Interested waves are sometimes called as heat waves. Infrared waves are not allowed to pass through the atmosphere since it reflects them.

The radiation emittedd by the earth are mostly in the Infrared region.

The EM waves of frequency ranging 500kHz to 1000MHz are called radio waves.

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