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Recently, in some press conference, a journalist asked someone about the Indian people in America. He told that “Indian can work hard, they can become Doctors, Engineers, and get an MBA. But they are not going to build any giant company like Google, Facebook, and other similar companies. Indians got only Infosys that is also going to be obsolete soon. The education system of India lacks creativity”.

These lines have given me the answers to the question that I was searching. The problem in Education system. Today, the relationship between Teacher and Student is deteriorating. Students are not respecting their teachers. There are many incidents we have seen in recent past where Students had the audacity to slap back their teachers. Even more than that there are few incidents where students shot their principle and teacher.

Problems in present Education system

  1. Inappropriate reasons to become a teacher: in earlier times, the teacher as a profession was a passion for people. They feel proud to become a teacher. Today, teacher profession is not a passion, it is luxury and especially for the government school teachers. The problem I have seen and observe among people, especially in the middle class is that today people are doing B.ed the course because they have no other options. The reason they have to become a teacher and especially for girls is that this is the best job that one can have, where they can maintain their personal and professional life balance. A 7:00 am to 2:00 pm job after which they can take the tuition or do some other things. All these reasons are good? But are these the real reasons to become a teacher. These all are very wrong reasons and that is why today’ Indian education is losing its value. The true reasons to become a teacher is to teach students. To give them a vision or dreams. They should enjoy what they are studying. Students should leave school every day with smile or feeling that they had learned something today. But for most of the people, these are the byproducts of becoming teacher. Teaching is the obvious thing for them and not the main thing. The more we believe that obvious things can be easily understood, the more we are not understanding it. This kind of thinking is very dangerous for any country education system.
  2. Responsibility: In our 11th class, last two chapters of the physics was left by our teachers. We studied those chapters neither in school nor in a tuition. The school teacher thought that students will cover those chapters in the tuition and tuition teachers thought why to teach the chapters when they are not gonna come in the exam. Such are the teachers we are dealing with at present. This incident happening in the Delhi. The capital of India. Then you can understand what is going in other parts of the country and why a student is not happy where they are, it is because they can become something else if they got the right teacher. My mother told this story to me. In her school, one day one of her lady teachers came to know that one of her students is taking a tuition after school. She called her and her parents. After that, she shouts at them that how dare they. Why her student is taking tuition? When I am teaching her at the school then why she is taking tuition classes. If she had any problem or doubt then she can ask me. But I will not tolerate that my student is taking any kind of tuition. Such kind of devotion is lacking in today’s teachers. Today they are not responsible for their student performer. Even teacher force students to join the tuition. Or take tuition from them after the school. This kind of commercialization of the education is also one of the reasons behind the deteriorating relationship between the teacher and student. The student that is doing good they are taking credit but for the student who is failing, there is nobody taking responsibility for it. Here, the student is not responsible for his/her failure alone. When somebody fails, his/her teacher, as well as parents, also fail not because the student did not study it is because they were not able to make study easy for him/her.
  3. A teacher does not know how to teach: As Albert Einstein said: “If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough”. It is true since many teachers are not passionate about their work. They are just completing the syllabus. There are few teachers who take interest in their student progress and also thought how to work with students. Every student is unique their thinking and understanding capability can vary but at the end, it is teacher job to make sure, the student understands the subject or not. It might seems hard or rude by reading such hard lines. The best example of teacher one should strive to become is the Sushil Kumar of Super 30. I really idealize this person. He dedicated his life to flourish the life of many underprivileged students. You should search for him in the Google and read his story. I can bet that you will also start idealizing him. The problem in today’s teacher is that they do not how to teach.  Getting a B.ed degree does not mean that a person has become a teacher. If he/she does not have a good knowledge of his or her subject then there is no use of such teachers. The best criteria to know that a teacher has a good knowledge of his/her subject is that how students are reacting, are they enjoying his /her lecture or getting bored. Thus, a student getting a feeling of Awe. Can they visualize what their teacher is trying to explain?
  4. Creativity: This is something we are lacking in every stratum of educational institute. One of the main reason behind the brain drain of India is that our education dose not allow students to be creative. If there are some one with different vision then our community did not appreciate him/her. This is the one of the reason why are students went abroad for career opportunities. We are preparing our student for general competition. The main reason why there is much competition in government services exam is that everyone is running to get security in their life. They do not want to make an effort to get something different which is not available in the society. Teachers failed to give their students a vision or dream. Students are lacking an enthusiasm and support from their elders. Teachers should create a curiosity among the student to get something to achieve something in life. Their life has much great value and reasons more than just becoming a clerk or bank official. There are very higher institutions we had in India but still, the research works are not going up to the their mark. Last, year government had to appoint a person from outside (NRI) to be chairperson of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). He also put a concerned about the way research work is going on in India.
  5. Bane of Modernization: To make our generation up to the mark of the modern or developed countries, we lost our roots. Earlier, our ancestors that worked very hard and they were much ahead of their time. Today, we are searching the deep space to find life in other places. Our ancestor was finding the root cause of life. The cycle of birth and death. They were all scientist who gave their lives to understand the nature. The problem middle-class students faced is that neither they know English well nor Hindi. The root cause of lacking in creativity is that they think in Hindi but want to write it in English. The mixture of knowledge is not producing a good result. As it said, half knowledge is very dangerous. The same thing is happening in our system.

Many teachers are going to get offended by this article. My intention is not to offend you. What I am trying to tell, is that we need to think about it. Whatever I have written might be harsh in nature but it is true. There are many complaints that teacher might have with students or government. But at the end, you are the master of your students. You are going to give shape to their conscience more than anybody.

This article is not written to degrade the value of teachers. But I just wanted to discuss such things. Why and where are we lacking? We are dreaming to become a World Superpower but we are not able to provide the right education to our students. I gave you one example. When the student did not study properly, her/his parents told them to work harder and concentrate more. The same thing is told by the teachers. How many teachers or parents have shown their children, how to concentrate or work hard? Nobody shows the students the right way to do it and it is because it is very difficult to practice what we preach. If a person whether they are a teacher or anybody is practicing what they are preaching then I can bet that nobody can disrespect that person. Since the reality is hard and it is not wise to write against the teacher because it can give an excuse to the students. But my effort is to think about the root cause of the problem. It is not that people are not working on this matter. There are many good teachers I had in my life that shaped my life. The problem is that there are very few teachers, who are good.

The deteriorating relationship between teacher and student is alarming in nature. As a citizen of India, we should think about these general problems. We all have to work together to make our country the world superpower. We have to develop your so much that people come to our country in search of opportunities.

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