Dimensional formula and SI Units

  1. Specific gravity have no units and no dimension.
  2. Force= Mass* acceleration = mass* Velocity/time= M (1), L(1), T (-2); SI unit, Newton
  3. Universal Constant of gravitation (G)= M (-1), L (3), T(-2); N*m^2/kg^2
  4. Work dimension = Energy = M(1), L(2)T (-2);  Joule
  5. Moment of force dimension same as of Work but SI unit is N-m.
  6. Power = Work/ time = M (1) L (2) T (-3); SI unit Watt.
  7. Surface tension = force/length= M (1), L (0), T (-2); SI unit: N/m. = Force Constant
  8. Thrust= Tension= dimension same as of force and also the SI unit.
  9. Stress= Force/area= M (1) L (-1) T (-2). N/m^2
  10. Strain have no units and no dimension.
  11. Coefficient of elasticity (=Stress/Strain) have same Dimension and SI Unit as of Stress.
  12. Radius of gyration = distance = M (1) and SI unit meter.
  13. Angle has no dimension but radian is their SI unit.
  14. Angular velocity= Angle/time= T(-1)= SI unit Radian/sec
  15. Angular acceleration= Angle/time^2= T(-2); SI unit is Radian/sec^2
  16. Moment of Inertia= mass *distance ^2= M(1) L(2)= kg-m^2
  17. Angular momentum= I* w(omega)= M(1) L(2) T (-1)
  18. Torque =I *alpha (angular acceleration)= M(1) L(2) T(-2)

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