Aerostat-Wifi in Uttarakhand

Aerostat-Wifi in Uttarakhand

It is India’s first balloon mounted internet network. It is done to bring reliable internet access to remotest area in Uttarakhand. The technical name of this balloon is Aerostat balloon. It can remain in air for 14 days. It is always attached with a vehicle. This vehicle can be placed any where on the road or other places. Due to its mobility Aerostat can be used to provide internet to any place.

Aerostat contains one router (for internet), Weather station (it will provide the weather information to local people) and Cameras (these can be used for surveillance purpose).

Aerostat tech can be used for surveillance in emergency situations and real time monitoring to guide search and rescue operations.

Gas balloon contains a gas lighter or less denser than air. Therefore, two gases can be used for this purpose helium and hydrogen. In Aerostat, helium gas is used.

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