A Murder of Democracy by the citizens

Guari Lankesh was murdered at her home by unknown shooters. She was a journalist who wrote against the system, society, and government.

This was sad and shocking news. People who had raised their voice against the system or society they were always murdered by people with no brain or that are afraid of change. Ex. Abraham Lincoln was murdered; so the Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Dabholkar etc. Killers were able to kill them but what they misunderstood was- these people were not just human being, they were an ideology. And ‘idea’ is immortal and that is why we know Abraham Lincoln today also because he is living inside the people conscience.

The major disturbing fact in the post-murder event is, people are condoning it on social media and also spreading it. Majority of people did not know her work but they are supporting this murdered because she wrote against the society, system, and government. This means that if tomorrow if you go against the system or anything which is not appropriate in the society then your murder is justiciable.

I was thinking that if writing against your society or government is wrong, then British people did nothing wrong with Indians who went against them. There were many heroes we had in the past, who wrote against the government and even took major actions like murdering police official, writing against them in the newspaper, breaking civil laws etc. Then hanging them or sending in Cellular Jail was also right and just.

How can people justify the murder? What so, if she wrote against the government? What so, if she declared ‘paid media accused anti-nationalist’ people, her adopted children? Are these things can justify her murder?

Writing against the government, society or system may be wrong and may be right, but justifying the murder is very dangerous for society. In a society when people start condoning murder then what will be the future of this society.

Before her murder, I didn’t even know her. Many people who are using abusive words for her are also not aware of her work. But still, they are making harsh words to describe her. This is not the murder of Gauri Lankesh. This is the murder of democracy by its own citizens. It is an ominous sign for the vision of New India.

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